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It is widely known that Horner's harmonica plays an active role in many of The Beatles' classic songs.
In 2022, the 60th anniversary of their debut, the first signature harp to bear The Beatles' name will be released.
This is one that I would like to own, not only for The Beatles fans and collectors, but for all music fans.

1. The Beatles logo and silhouettes of the members are engraved on the upper side of the cover plate.
2. The Beatles logo and silhouettes of the members are printed on the case as well.
3. Gorgeous outer box with The print on the front of a photo of the four members of THE BEATLES performing.
4. High quality lead plates for fast response leads
5. ABS plastic body that is not affected by humidity
6. Stainless steel cover plate with a strong and bright tone it features
7. Lead plates are screw-mounted for easy maintenance
8. Tone: C
Made in Germany

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