PIGNOSE - Official There Pignose / Back Print / T-Shirt / Men's

PIGNOSESKU: 16424-490101163901

サイズ: S
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(Stock only) of impressive pig illustrations classic.
Pignose official merchandise.
Pignose: in such leather-clad body of old travel bag, 70s in the looks that pig nose type volume knob. It was, of street-enabled innovative small amp Pignose7-100R. KEITH RICHARDS, JEFF BECK, JIMMY PAGE, STEVIE WONDER other, guitarist in the world, has been a favorite in Hapisuto. ERIC CLAPTON is especially famous was used in the recording of the announcement 1974 masterpiece "461OCEAN BOULEVARD".

Body: AAA (murina)
Length / Width / Shoulder / Sleeve length (cm)
-S-67.5 / 45/18
-L-78.5 / 53.5 / 22.5

(C) 2004 Pignose Industries. Licensed to REVOLUTION, inc.
* Unauthorized use of images, text, reprinting, copying, etc. is strictly prohibited.

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