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"1 one" edit Japanese original. It will be the first official book as a pure made in Japan.

Ask me for a photo since ONE DIRECTION debut, only gem of the official photograph of the reservoir taken in the shooting, such as a CD jacket!

In Japan, just photos for the first time printed matter!

Design has also worked several books a photo collection of Japanese idol group, neufdesign (Neuf design) is in charge. Without leaving the five members of the charm of ONE DIRECTION, it is represented in the photo.

In addition, five of voice and also recorded a live voice to be Japan's first you will hear just at any time by pressing a button!

Members talk of five,

Thinking of you



Happy Xmas & amp; Happy New Year


Message has been recorded of.

74 pages, size: 30 × 21cm (page 26.5 × 21cm), luxury specifications of hard cover.

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