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Publisher: Shinko Music.
Size: A4-size.
Number of pages: 100 pages.
Special edit this to cut the current 40 years of History and our member of IRON MAIDEN representative of the genre of heavy metal.
Current members six IRON MAIDEN is a symbolic presence of all heavy metal, manager, while attempts to contact with the staff found a total of 9 people, Mook by special editing to capture the past, present and future of the band.
Is a British journalist, Steve Harris by Howard Johnson that was not belong to the past, the management of the band "Sanctuary", interview memoir over more than 40 years with Bruce Dickinson, respectively, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Janick Gers, latest individual interviews, talks about rod Smallwood and Dave Shack maker of management the world's largest, most comprehensive heavy metal band management of the behind-the-scenes, of Adrian Smith guitar Tech with Nicko McBrain Sean Brady talks about "the best part of working with IRON MAIDEN," and so on is posted once an exclusive article of BURRN! editing unit unique.
Also enhance discography to look back on the band history at 25 pieces of work.

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