PAUL MCCARTNEY - Official Egypt Station / Direct Import Board Specification / Deluxe 2Lp / Vinyl Record

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[Limited 2 Disc LP] 16 songs. 180g weight board LP. 2-Pack (Black LP). Imported machine specifications. Commentary / lyrics with translation.
The Beatles × modern sound with a strong work should be called!
Paul himself is both a picture and a title that drew "Egypt station" is a full album by the new song to be the first installment after the move to Capitol Records also say former club.
Recording of the album, LA, London, carried out in Sussex, one song (*) except Greg Kerstin (Adele, Beck, Foo Fighters) is produced. (* Ryan Tedder of that one song is OneRepublic).
Paul is saying in this way for the album title.
"I like the word" Egypt station. "We remind that once made which was 'album'." Egypt station "is starting from the first track of the station, of each song is completely different station it's like. the idea is in the original of all songs. it is thought that a place like a dream to create music. "

Disc 1
A1.Opening Station
A2.I Don’t Know
A3.Come On To Me
A4.Happy With You
B1.Who Cares
B2.Fuh You
B4.People Want Peace
B5.Hand In Hand

Disc 2
C2.Back In Brazil
C3.Do It Now
C4.Caesar Rock
D1.Despite Repeated Warnings
D2.Station II
D3.Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link

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