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Inoue Jay / Kunihiko Fujimoto al.
Size: A4-size.
Number of pages: 272P.
Publisher: music publishers.
1970 from the first solo album "McCartney" to "NEW" (2014), all LP · single · CD other related records released by Paul McCartney after the Beatles broke up, especially in the United Kingdom, Original, such as a box set complete exhaustive mania long-awaited book was more than a total of 300 works. For more than 30 years, it carries the Japan not only feet to the British record stores as the Beatles collectors, followed by "The Beatles UK Edition Complete Guide" by Inoue Mr. Jay that have continued to study more about the UK board of the Beatles companion volume.
[Main contents]
■ Part.1 original album introduction.
Yummy introduces a total of 40 pieces from the first solo album "McCartney" (1970) to "NEW" (2014).
■ Part.2 original single introduction.
From the first solo single, "Another Day" (1970) to "Ever Present Past" (2007), thorough introduction to about 90 sheets that also includes 12inch single.
■ Part.3 CD single / CD only / CD box introduction.
Introduce summarizes the work that has not been released in the analog board in the UK.
■ Part.4 Other Works.
In the center of the American board-Japanese Edition, introduces UK release unreleased single, CD and the like.
■ Part.5 related Works.
Paul works of other musicians who worked announcement, or the Produce played in co-name, soundtrack, charity work, thorough introduction to join work, such as tribute work.

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