MICHAEL JACKSON - Olodum / T-Shirt / Men's


サイズ: S
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M size Length 73cm Shoulder width 47cm Width 50cm Sleeve 17cm
L size Length 75cm Shoulder width 53cm Width 54cm Sleeve 19cm
Color: White

T-shirt of PV (They do not care about us) Brazilian cultural organizations that MJ wore in (OLODUM).

The Olodum (Olodum) is an Afro-Brazilian cultural organizations of which has gained international recognition in the Brazilian State of Bahia. In particular, it got your attention that had to wear in the Brazilian version of the PV of "They Do not Care About Us" of Michael Jackson. Contains three things (above in Hoop lower half in yellow is divided into red and green) symbol to OLODUM logo marked with hands and feet to a certain thing and the symbol mark to one simple white T-shirt wearing two types but contains the character of OLODUM in the middle Te.

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