OTODAMA - Official 2018 Dry T-Shirt / Back Print Yes / Umbro (Brand) / T-Shirt / Men's

OTODAMASKU: 1902316420024

サイズ: M
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Collaboration T-shirt of the popular festival by Osaka specialties headliners Shimizu sound Izumi "Otodama OtoIzumitamashi 2018" and the popular football brand "Umbro".
Official merchandise to increase the rare feeling only by the 2018 tickets sold out festival, which was canceled unfortunately due to the influence of the typhoon.
OTODAMA'18 performer lineup: Suchmos, OKAMOTO'S, CHAI, FISHMANS, bonobos, yogee New Waves, history, Hanarefuji, iri, SCOOBIE DO, etc.

umbro festival collaboration T-shirt, suck quickly sweat, dries quickly even when wet, (sweat, quick-drying) high functionality of, sports manufacturers, Descente Ltd. of goods.
Material: 100% polyester
Color: fluorescent yellow

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