COMING KOBE - Official There Comin'Gkobe × Jungule ☆ Life / Back Print / T-Shirt / Men's

COMING KOBESKU: 1902316444037

サイズ: L
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Collaboration T-shirt of Japan's largest charity free festival as "COMIN'KOBE 2016" Japan's largest music free magazine "jungle life".
Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake was subjected to disaster relief as gratitude from Kobe Telling Live Lessons without weathering, and that the maximum of the theme to convey the charm of Kobe, music, human events that gather a variety of people in Fes, kids dying like the adults.
COMIN'KOBE 2016 Performers lineup: EGG BRAIN, KEYTALK, Good Morning America, Sex Machine, SUPER BEAVER, LACCO TOWER, 04Limited Sazabys, etc

Material: cotton
color: pink

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