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Number of pages: 128P.
Publisher: music publishers.
Series VOL12 summarizes the solo era that this document may not see an example in the past per year. "Lost Weekend" of the Beatles disbanded signing ceremony and John Lennon, including George Harrison only of the tour, also further articles lots.
[Main contents]
■ The Beatles enjoyed in the beginning-of-a-book color-precious photos.
■ Feature: 74 Years of Beetle-alone ~ John, Paul, George, Ringo. Beatles signed road (Ryo Nosaki) of up to Formula / John and reunion of Paul miracle of (Kunihiko Fujimoto) / "Lost Weekend" (Yu Aoki) of John Lennon / Drunken Nilsson (Yushi Okuda) / band Nashville the aim (plum City vertebral measures) / George Harrison North American tour (Masato Kato).
■ Beatles Diary 1974.
■ solo album commentary "walls and bridges," "Goodnight Vienna", "Dark Horse" (Yoshihiro Osuga Manabu Yuasa Kawaguchi method Expo).
■ solo single commentary (Takebu Yoshiaki Kunihiko Fujimoto other).
■ The Beatles told me (Rino English Yuminoki ).
■ Apple Artist: Badfinger (Koji Wakui).
■ Phil Spector (Koji Wakui).
■ of the 1974 Beatles sound (Kawahara Shinji).
■ rare sound source (Shinichi Manabe).
■ video works (Takebu Yoshiaki).
■ song of words (Junko Yoshihiro Osuga, Yushi, Kunihiko Fujimoto Okuda Asahi) / Memorabilia (Shimaotsutaira) / Bootleg name board.
■ Series: Rekosuke-kun (Hideyasu Moto) / I and real-time Beatles (Yoshiyuki Makino) / Paul drew a picture of an apple (Kenichi Yasuda Tsujii Takahiro) / I in not a John George in the Middle Ages the Beatles in high school buy collected (Hiroyuki Ohashi) / photographer and the Beatles (Inoue Jay) / musical instrument that played the Beatles sound (Yoshihiro Osuga) / name cover & rare cover (Shinichi Manabe) / Beatles and fashion (Yuki Yoshino) / Beatles and a woman we (Masato Kato) / Beatles Yukari the land of (Kozo Fukuoka) etc

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