RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Official [World Limited 400 Pieces Of Foil Print Special Specification] Asterisk / Amplified (Brand) / T-Shirt / Men's


サイズ: S
Sale price$78.40 USD


S Size Length 71cm Shoulder width 44.5cm width 51cm Sleeve length 20.5cm
M size Length 73cm Shoulder width 45cm Width 53cm Sleeve length 21.5cm
L size Length 74cm Shoulder width 47cm Width 54cm Sleeve length 21.5cm
XL size Length 77.5cm Shoulder width 49cm Width 55.5cm Sleeve 23cm
Color: Charcoal

Logo silver foil print, mark is red foil print "Amplified Brand 15 Anniversary Limited Edition version 400 pieces

★ UK of ROCK fashion brand as a popular brand to international celebrities "Amplified (Amplified)". Design eye-catching in bold print on the body with a taste which has been subjected to vintage damage processing features. ※ by the specifications of the order to give a sense of Distressed, there is the case that stands out is blurring of the fray and print part. Please note.

Model: (. Vorchaos / Vo) Jun L size wear, photography / Kuroyanagi snow

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