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The modeling of the 3rd album 'MASTER OF PUPPETS' was done in 1986, and the costumes and instruments used by the band members at that time have been recreated, as well as the taping on the drumsticks of Drums / Lars.
Accessories: 2 guitars, bass guitar, and drumsticks.
Size / 1 body : approx. 9cm.
Material : ABS/PVC.
Package : Blister box (W32cm, H13cm, D12cm).

[Comment from Yuichi Masuda (former editor-in-chief of Music Life / writer)].
The size of a credit card fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, but packed with love and care, this piece depicts METALLICA at the time of the release of 'MASTER OF PUPPETS' (1986).
Of course, the life-like figures with their elaborate realism are attractive, but these four figures, which focus on how to make the characters of James, Lars, Kirk, and Cliff stand out in the same format, are a joy to look at.
And if you look closely, you can see the maniacal attention to detail in the instruments and clothes.
You can't help but love them.

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