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UK's prestigious hard rock / heavy metal magazine is a metal hammer to landing in Japan !!! watered music scene!
Hard rock / heavy metal magazine that was first published in England in 1983. Even non-English-speaking Germany, Portugal, Scandinavia, Worldwide class name recognition from the fact that are licensed in Indonesia and the like. Advocating the "Ultimate Metal Bible", the most famous metal media brands in the world.
Not only on the contents of the so-called listener-friendly, the side of as a player, such as playing and equipment also introduced with, is a hard rock / heavy metal comprehensive magazine. The heavy metal is a music that Tagiru sharp rebellious spirit, what things to break the contemporary scene that instant music of commercial importance is overflowing, you a vividly violent "real sound" with a heavy metal. To that end, Who is also introduce a band that can be enthusiastic in body and soul ...... it is the World Standard Metal magazine = "METAL HAMMER JAPAN"!
■ Ozzy Osbourne: In the Feature, large Future the king Ozzy Osbourne has released a new "Ordinary Man" to be the first time in 10 years. The coming three major special feature for the Ozzy resurrection, 30 pages more than the large VOLUME!
In the latest interview, memories of the time of visit to Japan from the circumstances that led to make a new album, such as the drag, talk about various topics!
40 years of the "Blizzard Of Oz - bloody Legend of Heroes" The film, which marks the 40th anniversary in 2020. Each part of this work, which is also the origin of solo activities (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, mix, lyrics), and deep analysis from the current line-of-sight. Is the impact that they have left the modern 1980! ? Original & play solo guitar style "Goodbye-to-romance" is here playing special feature sends it to the metal guitarist. In order to enjoy the Ozzy of vocals and Randy of poetic sentiment full of play at a time, but solo guitar lecture. I'll love to also listen to a friend.
■ Philip H. Anselmo: bears its own name "Philip · H · Anselmo & Di Irigaruzu" Phil was subjected to Japan performances as. So he's that without regret showcase Pantera number, sing the past of the music, and the frame of mind! ?
■ BABYMETAL: not only in Japan but, objectively the world BABYMETAL. Britain was on the cover import certificate of "Metal Hammer 327" is, than immediately many people were not available will be sold out? The interview featured in the magazine, delivered in just like the original Big VOLUME!
■ THE 50 BEST ALBUMS OF the different points of the latest Japanese and English metal music movement to consider from 2019
■ has been published in the British "Metal Hammer" magazine, TO50 ranking of the 2019 release work. The chart on the basis of, let's check the difference of the popular trend in Japanese and English. The trend in Europe? Your favorite album was turned on?
■ OUTRAGE: released in popularity engineers, the latest work of Jay Ruston was in charge of the mix "Run Riot" in April! Members also a the sound of rave reviews, but had been visible from the production of this work was the music view of Tange Shinya?
■ DAVID ELLEFSON: name Staff = David Ellefson of Megadeth, was to complete the album of personal name as a first career. Old is also the music that was the prototype to the "youthanasia" era, it is possible to know even the composer landscape of Megadeth from their story.
■ TRIVIUM: metal core world of the male, was put to new work of Trivium "What the Dead Men Say", follow the ideal sound of Matt Heafy. They're that have made music in the past a variety of techniques, but it finally as complete type sound of looked.
■ latest loud sound tame in FENDER MADE IN JAPAN MODERN SERIES!
■ electric guitar icon, the latest series of Fender, loud specification with a humbucker of 2 groups! It is a lineup of metal guitarist attention. The 2020s, or to make a heavy sound in the royal road Fender guitar becomes a trend! ?
■ KORN: Jonathan Davis talks about, day-to-day creation and anguish in the production "The nothing". As a musician, interviews show the face of as a father. Only a new work got a high evaluation, ... that I wanted to come see play in the March performances.
■ EVANESCENCE & WITHIN TEMPTATION: Britain was also on the cover planning in the "Metal Hammer 328", pick up a valuable dialogue by Amy & Sharon. Although there is a precisely through AER Talk session because she was a woman singer to each other, by all means man band man also want to listen to that voice!
■ SLIPKNOT: Unfortunately, sponsored festival [KONOTFEST JAPAN 2020] has become postponed .... "We Are Not Your Kind" the Hissage, introduce a message from Corey Taylor of Slipknot was supposed to play a long-awaited visit to Japan.
■ AMON AMARTH decorate also cover in the past of the British "Metal Hammer" magazine, the popular Viking Corps Amon Amarth. This time, the questions were received from various fields, answer is the front man Johan Heggu. Stretched styles and beard, to how to obtain the drinking horn!
■ BARONESS: Modern metal industry stamp of art school band = Baroness the make up man, life lessons by John Dyer-Beizuri. Also a certain John picky impression, but from the word, it will be able to feel the extraordinary passion for art in general.
■ LOVEBITES: At the time of his debut, has also won Best Newcomer at the British "Metal Hammer" LOVEBITES. Furthermore, for the 3rd work that was crafted to increase the experience value "Electric Pentagram", miho & miyako talks a great deal! Grated take photo also fun!
■ coldrain: coldrain who made the legendary held was sponsored event in February [BLARE FEST.2020] is, appeared in all the members! They're the future of loud rock is this that gaze that it can be said that the modern Japanese heavy of representative that originate in the world.

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