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Author: Tsuyoshi Sato (Author).
Specifications: duodecimo / 416 page.
Impression of non-fiction to draw the human drama surrounding the Beatles visit to Japan carefully.
Beatles concert in Japan in 1966, it is that just before they are to stop the live activity, was the very first in the last chance. The shadow that was a successful miracle of events to overcome a number of disorders, various businessmen who had been involved. Publisher of The Beatles of the record that was in the center, is a person that Ishizaka HanIchiro was a substantial owner of Toshiba music industry. Served as the Toshiba president and Keidanren chairman, "the business community Prime Minister" and a maximum of business leaders after World War II was called, Toshiba of the record department, which was established in the prodding of Taizo Ishizaka is independently as Toshiba music industry in 1960, range Ichiro will greatly grow the record company in charge of its operations. HanIchiro falls Enseki of Taizo is Western man known as "director who sold the Beatles record", is also the father of Keiichi Ishizaka.
In June 1963, East Asia Sakamoto from the island country ninth "Sukiyaki (Walk facing up)" has landed in the United States, was hit in the world shining in the US No.1, this is a work of HanIchiro there were. Soon HanIchiro is, decide the Japan launch of the Beatles, which had caused a firestorm in the United Kingdom, led to spectacular hit. And, we will plan the invitation of the Beatles.
HanIchiro which began to move towards the realization of the Japan tour was repeated NEMS and negotiation of the United Kingdom of EMI, and the Beatles management company. To support the magazine "Music Life" To that end, looking up the assistance of Taizo, are Katsugidashi until a is Matsutarō Shōriki leader of the Yomiuri group. HanIchiro is not issued to all table a series of negotiation situation, went underway in secret. And the cooperative planning agency to Tatsushi Nagashima, was was handed over the final execution role.
Tsuyoshi Sato authors from the point of view of the music business, dig up the implementation process, which had been hidden in the veil in the painstaking interview. Beatles manager Brian Epstein, spokesman Tony Barlow, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Capitol of A & R was a Dave Dexter, Jr., Hiroyuki Takashima of director, Shoichi Kusano and Hoshika of "Music Life" Rumiko, and Tatsushi Nagashima, Matsutarō Shōriki, movement of a variety of characters, such as Taizo Ishizaka is vividly depicted, it emerges spectacular human drama.
This is the story surrounding the leader was a symbol of economic recovery in Japan after World War II, surrounding was born Toshiba record as a small division in the Tokyo Shibaura Electric, music and business, and the dream of boys and girls. By gentlemen such as that hated that stand out in the educated people of the Meiji-born "Samurai", Japanese music history documents up to the Big Bang occurs.

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