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Derek Taylor al., Vacation translated Yamamoto
Unknown, testimony by the "Fifth Beatle"
In the land that was visited on the tour, sight saw in the ramp of the airplane, John Lennon of the arrests, the eve launch of Apple Records, the band end recording scene, and dissolution .... It has been chosen from a newspaper reporter in the Propaganda Department of the Beatles, become the right-hand man of the band, has spread to the world and underpin the "Beatles Magic," "Fifth Beatle" spell, day-to-day and their behind-the-scenes spent with the band. New edition of "The Beatles was also human beings" (Youth Shokan, 1975).
【table of contents】
Preface to the new edition (John Savage)
1 Current: 1972 early summer
2: Mayor of the daughter and the Beatles 1964
3: Sharon Tate incident and the Monterey Pop Festival 1970 before
4: number of artists one that I was in charge of nine hundred sixty-five - 1968
5: The Beatles reunited with Byrds one thousand nine hundred sixty-five - 1968
6: Danny Hutton one thousand nine hundred sixty-five - 1970
7: 1967 Talking with Jerry Moss
8: one thousand nine hundred sixty-six years to rock star the old actress Mae West
9: Trip 1968, which was the pole with experience
10: every day that Oimakura to interview 1968
11: Apple Building of lowdown one thousand nine hundred sixty-eight - 1970
12: Allen Klein day that hit the Apple one thousand nine hundred sixty-nine - 1970
13: Encounter 1969 of the Beatles and Allen Klein
14: strange people 1969 who visited the Apple
15: lowdown 1969 Beatles kingdom collapse
16: John Lennon sudden arrest incident 1969
17: Day 1969 George Harrison has been arrested
18: John and Yoko Bed in 1969
19: The Beatles 1970 that no more
20: always Monday and obtain Wandering Jew 1967
21: United States Travel and George 1970 and 1972
22: The Beatles and meet before the critic and its victims
23: 1971 to become freely if you believe the music
24: Memories of 1970 with Nancy Sinatra
25: forty years gone by with the flow about the time
26: Conclusion
Translator Afterword
[Author] Derek Taylor (Derek Taylor)
1932 Liverpool born. Become a newspaper reporter for the local paper at the age of 17, as a drama criticism and columns in charge of the national newspaper in 1962 Northern version, so based in Manchester. From 1964 has been chosen to advertising in charge of the Beatles, you will have the members and the deep involvement. Participation in the chorus to "Give Peace a Chance". In addition to the Beatles, engaged in Beach Boys, Bath, Mamas & Papas, and the like. After the Beatles broke up as well, keeping the members and friendship around the George Harrison. 1997, died at the age of 65.
[Translator] vacation Yamamoto (Yamamoto-break)
Lock translated family of pioneers. Since the 1970s, the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Billy Joel, Queen, such as the Eagles, engaged in a number of translating. "John Lennon last of the day-to-day" to the translations (Shinko Music), "Don Felder autobiography" (Toho publication), "Queen all Poems" in the translated collection, "Eagles Poems" (Shinko Music), "Billy Joel Poems" (CBS Sony publishing) and many others.

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