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Determine type: A4-size change
Number of pages: 208 pages
Kobe Bryant Author / Andrew · D · Bernstein Photo / Kazuhiko Shimamoto translation
Kobe Bryant retired Memorial official book. Finally revealed is, most intelligent and creative athlete of head contents of.
Mamba-mentality = "strong will and fierce concentration".
The first time is told in the words of the person, the most intelligent and analytical and creative athlete of head contents of.
Dying to "love basketball!
As read with underlines, it was devoted.
Because it is written about is "important essence that one",
It stimulated even without 's player, it is a book that can become positive as a human being. "
Yuta Tabuse (Tochigi Burekkusu / Japan's first NBA player)
Preface: Phil Jackson (. 1999- 2011, L.A Lakers head coach)
Photo: Andrew · D · Bernstein (official photographer of the LA Lakers)
Translation supervised: Kazuhiko Shimamoto
Looking at the people have found inspiration in the "Mamba-mentality", that he came so hard and, shed sweat, such as morning at 3 o'clock happened that, so that all they were rewarded it seems to. That's why I made this book. This book is lesson to the whole volume is studded, the lesson is not just those related to basketball, is also included things about this "Mamba-mentality".
Kobi Bryant
Case ready to be dragged to the warning !! high-level basketball of adventure! This book is a window that can look into the inner face of the person who mastered the basketball.
Firu Jackson
Corby, in order to stand on the apex, I knew that require different efforts with others. Since the great book was published, we would like you to enjoy all means. Definitely it should seeping force Some of you.

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