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Terasawa Hawk Author
No conjecture! Who Marvel did not write "first" "critics" book. From hero movie of expectations even were not anonymous, the world dominate legend has begun!
Number of pages: 248 pages
Budget only 14 million US dollars. And the studio was on the verge of bankruptcy, actor sprinkled life to stick in drag, skip the hit of the revival in the unnamed hero movie "Iron Man". From here, under the Disney laying a strict management system, which should was reckless plan "Marvel Cinematic Universe" is to expand.
Whether the studios and the friction between the actor and supervision while occur, it became a film series of successive No.1 in how to time. And, whether the heroes in the movie have been fighting with the United States of "what". American comic of the movie guru, Terasawa Hawk, thoroughly to critique the MCU all 22 works and of the Marvel movie merits and demerits without conjecture.
Terasawa Hawk: Born in 1973, movie writer. Writing about the American comic movies such as "movie Treasure" (Yosensha). "Schwarzenegger principle" in his book, "American comic movie 40 years Senki" to co-author, there is a such as "movie of Dystopia" (Terasawa TakashiShigeru name) (all Hiroshi Izumi Co., Ltd.).

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