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Akiko Uemura al.
Morrissey as "event action" will continue to sing.
Number of pages: 240 pages
Now, we need Morrissey to us. Book to live by enthusiastic bloggers, a life tough in the "Morrissey philosophy".
Brady Mikako said, recommended!
When I heard and have been translated is "his autobiography, but exactly who I thought ...... such a reckless work, reading this work that the ringleader is wrote, was convinced. Incidentally laughter, the tears were. Morrissey but something is cry, he will not come and stick a piece. Contact fuss where is the spirit of the Morrissey, Why's book was dedicated to discuss the or led to think so. all of the people who live still stabbed in mind the thorns that Morrissey Please read on. "
Cover Illustration: Male Nagajo
Akiko Uemura (Uemura, Akiko): Asakusa-born writer-translator. 1984, since met with the Smiths at the time of the 13-year-old, Morrissey fan history 34 years. In 2012 established the "Action is my middle name ~ paddle Morrissey blog Natti", begin to disseminate information about the Morrissey. In 2013 live DVD of Morrissey "Morrissey 25 Live (Japanese Edition)" subtitle translation of (King Records), worked on the commentary. As a member of the current Tokyo Morrissey Club, commonly known as "Morrissey Night" that "The Revenge of" Half a Person "" periodically being held.

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