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Author Hiromi Shimada
Elvis, or Bob Dylan, the Beatles ...... faith has led to what that famous piece of music.
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If you listen to the "lock", it "is the music of young people, those that rebelled against the anti-establishment in power," from the time that has been established as a genre image was strong that it is. Some of such power, also includes Christianity, which has sifted the force in Western society. For this reason, would think if from an unfamiliar Japanese Christian culture and Christian spirit lock the thing incompatible.
However, including Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan, many rock musicians in the United States, it has been or offering or have praise "God," "Jesus Christ", "Maria" among their own music, or prayer . But rather when Disclose the relationship of Christianity and lock in the Western society, if there is no Christianity, the lock can even view that or not than had not been born.
By having the faith or by denying the faith, their music is how to change, how it went and what affects the entire genre of rock. Religious scholars Disclose the relationship.
Hiromi Shimada (Shimada, Hiromi): 1953, was born in Tokyo. Religious scholars, writers. In 1976, the University of Tokyo Faculty of Letters religion graduated from the Department. In 1984, the University Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences doctoral graduates. Majoring in religious studies. Multimedia Education Center Associate Professor, Japan Women's University professor, served as the University of Tokyo Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, Researcher. Currently Tokyo Woman's Christian University part-time lecturer. The main book "Soka Gakkai" (Shincho Shinsho), "Japan's 10 Daxin religion", "funeral, do not need", "not only throw away the other parent" (Gentosha Shinsho), "the post-war Japanese religious history." (Chikuma book selection), "religion annihilation" (SB Shinsho), "anti-intellectualism and new religions" (East Press) and many others.

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