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Cover Program
Chose 100 people pro drummer
"Now, most want to see the live Japanese drummer" / "high performance force Japanese band"
Drummer's Drummer
In this special issue to be a one-shot eyes of Doramaga was renewed, carried out from the sought-after band man in a large festival, until the session musicians who are active in a wide range of sites, a large questionnaire to professional drummer of the 100 staff in total! Only because now the implementation is difficult situation of the customer-collecting live, they think I was asked to pick up the "Japanese drummer and playing forces want to see the most live domestic band that I think high". In addition, from the most common name was raised drummer this time (decorate the cover!), Also comment on Memorial arrival. Overcome the predicament, also hopefully to the day-to-day to be felt in the skin of their live performance!
■ Featured Drummer
The slowest in the world (?) Large featured Roger!
Roger Taylor [Queen]
It focuses on Freddie Mercury, Queen of the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody," which depicts the trajectory of the Queen to record a mega-hit, the fading without the music / sound drew again limelight. Also carried out the long-awaited concert in Japan in this year January and February, still fresh in our memory also led to the enthusiasm of the long-awaited Japanese fans. From the movie release of 2018 up to the present, but is featured queen in a variety of media have been organized, dare now in this magazine, dared the large featured mainstay = Roger Taylor of the band to continue to update the queen legendary! Perhaps the most slow featured in the world, to the axis of the long interview he told the turning point of the 40th anniversary, drumming commentary, such as its greatness talks about the domestic and international top professional, a variety of angles attractive as Roger drummer go thorough verification from!
■ Special DL card linked
Magazine drum Contest 2020 repertoire announcement!
feat. Riku Taira & Senri Kawaguchi
Appendix DL card on the final jury = flat & Kawaguchi Special demo recorded performance!
Due to the global epidemic of a new coronavirus, in the stop and self-restraint life of successive music event, should the player often that had reduced the chance that can beat the drum abandon. In order to blow the Negative air and frustration that covers such a world, also held this year the annual magazine drum contest! To become this time renewed one-shot eyes of contest going back to the "origin", in the repertoire of instrumental that was a fusion with the theme, we will be competing for playability = playing force. The serve the final jury, in this contest winner, Chisato Kawaguchi and Riku Taira to be active as the current professional. The DL card of Appendix recorded two special demonstration performance! The energy and technique of about overturn the adversity of the corona, please be fully demonstrated in their own way of drumming. We look forward to a lot of your submissions!
■ Emergency Special DL card linked
The with corona era
How survive drummer
feat. Takashi Kashikura [toe, the HIATUS], Masanao Matsushita [Yasei Collective, GFJB], BOBO
Appendix DL card to Shane glass, Masahiko Osaka, Masanao Matsushita, recorded !! a home drum exercises Kozo Suganuma is to teach
2019 appeared at the end of the year, are spread around the world in the blink of an eye, the new corona virus that caused the pandemic also say nightmare (COVID-19). Its influence spread in the world of drums, playing activities and drum lessons are followed by self-restraint, emergency declaration is released, even now that it can be said that the impact has been calm, social distance is found as a new way of life, severe situation is continuing. The future for some time, but the era of "living with corona = with corona", and drummer also to start a new activity in order to survive the tough times. Here, in the main actually start moving the drummers of the interview, introduction and tutorial of online lessons that will be the future of the mainstream, home exercise by professional drummer (Appendix DL card integrations). Has become the articles you want to read precisely because it now.
■ close up! ?
Pearl has been making an acoustic drum in the front line of over drum scene in long time is, set the KORG and tag, to complete the electronic drum = e / MERGE. The module is the heart, equipped with a sound of sticking to the beginning of the company's flagship model. Sensor is a structure which applies the mechanism of WAVEDRUM, provides a wide range of expressive power and quick response. Furthermore, the pad is adopted with a feel and a feeling of size realistic, including the robust hardware, and has a different specifications from the conventional electronic drum. This close up! So, this summer, to start Japan released long-awaited, the whole aspect of going thorough dissection "drum manufacturers electronic drum = e / MERGE made".
■ close up! ?
Roland V-Drums are to embody
"Home drum environment" of the ideal feat.VAD506
By "STAY HOME" I was called all over the world, enjoy the drum at home style has attracted the attention more than ever. Then play a major role of the electronic drum. In this project, the spotlight in the Roland V-Drums that are widely used to creative expression activities of professional drummer from day-to-day practice, continue to introduce the various use cases. Precisely because it is home, and continue to verify the number of V-Drums That's why can enjoy!
■ people and instruments / sixtieth Anniversary Special DL card linked
Kawamura "Kasuke" Tomoyasu
Popular series planning dig a commitment to the drummer of equipment = human and musical instruments. At the end of the special edition of 2011, completely resurrected along with the quarterly of the this project, which has been a hiatuses! Is to feature in the return first step should be the memorial, virtuoso, which celebrated the milestone of the sixtieth birthday in May, Kawamura "Kasuke" Tomoyasu. Along with the look back the equipment transition of, who have continued to support the "song" of Japan, let's look at a number of the love device! As a sixtieth birthday commemoration, Kasuke is alone of July 2012, which graced the first cover of Appendix CD recording, himself a rhythm track that was playing the drum & bass, you can down-load from Appendix DL card!
■ memorial Feature
Afro-beat of the founder, pass away
Tony Allen
Is an African open activist, a great contributor of African music, was raised to create the Afro-beat together with Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen. Beat with a unique sense of movement is attract people, even now that has passed through the approximately half century from creation, it continues to affect the drummer in the world. In recent years, Blur Damon Albarn, activities and the Red Hot Chili Peppers band = Rocket Juice & The Moon was formed with the free et al., Such as collaboration with techno stalwart Jeff Mills, always Just when had continued the stunning fresh activities, April 30, 2020, is also being missed it passed away. At the same time there is in the Afro-beat of the founder, Tony Allen was instrumental in order to spread to the world as a conduction person. Together with Shinobu his death, praise his achievements, we want to look back feat.
■ Interview
Nate Smith
Annika Nils
■ series "New"
New series approaching the legend who created the studio scene in Japan!
"Studio Great" Vol.1 Hideo Yamaki
■ series
DM Debut
Ryosuke Fujita [Co Shu Nie]
Jackson [Ryu Matsuyama]
Shota Mohri [PEDRO]
■ series column Web conjunction with "New"
Drum life that changes in the app
Gadget for Drummers
■ series seminars Web conjunction with "New"
Ultimate Drum Technique?
■ series seminar "New"
Given the trouble surrounding drum together!
BOBO online
■ NEW PRODUCTSWeb linked
YAMAHA Stage Custom Hip Drum Kit
YAMAHA Steve Gadd Signature Snare Drum
TAMA Superstar Classic NEO-MOD Drum Kit
TAMA Club-JAM Flyer Drum Kit
-Tony Williams Tribute - / - Kirkor K Tribute-
-Black Sea 1623 - / - Legend Dry - / - Bossa Ride
■ Drummer's Disc Guide

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