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Stitch from The World of Miss Mindy movie "Lilo & Stitch".
Paint with hand-painted to detail. It has been packed in a gift box.
Size: W8.3 × H18 × D13.8cm
Material: made of vinyl
Author of Miss Mindy (Miss Mindy): Mindy, who received the influence of the grandmother who was the work of coloring and inking at the Walt Disney Studios in the 1930-40's, now in the United States of popular cartoon Folk Artists, we are working on a number of works such as the sculpture of illustrations and hand craft.
Inherited the talent of his grandmother, she is in charge of Disney, WildBrain, the character design of animation studios such as Warner Brothers. In particular, she is also a collector of rare high-value figures, now make the figures in their own, custom figures and sculptures she made is often attention.
In recent years, worked on the design of Disney Vynlmation (Disney Vinyl mation), is an artist who boasts of popular as also sold out any of the work.

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