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Book size: approx. 225mm x 305mm / 144 pages
Those days, wanted to be a guitar hero
To all of the adult guitarist
Guitar Magazine laid-back No. 3
Cover:Saya Ichikawa
◎ Special Feature 1
The impact of Eddie Van Halen appeared
Edward Van Halen, which appeared as about 10 years ...... comet from premature mortality of Jimi Hendrix, to re-build a new guitar hero image, was captivated a lot of kids. In addition to the overwhelming techniques and flashy right hand playing, such as one humbucker Stratford-type and Floyd Rose tremolo of the mounting of, he is not only the breakthrough performance technology, also contributed significantly to the development of the instrument surface play was. Laid-back generation of Kitai guitar hero = Eddie Van Halen ...... piercing the middle Let us re-examine the charm of this great revolutionary.
◎ Feature 2
Thin for the electric guitarist Eregatto, Buyer's Guide 2020
At home, at a moderate volume, it is gut-guitar if you play the solo guitar optimal. It can be completed by one person without all over if solo-guitar band, do not rust gut strings compared with Tetsutsuru, to not finger also hurt, is very pleasant timbre that Pororon Also a raw sound. However, because I did not come only playing electric guitar until now, the guitar of this kind would be many people that do not know what to choose. In the center of the Eregatto of thin body can play without discomfort even if dimensional worlds from the electric, to introduce the recommended model.
◎ laid back Lupo
Guitar can not go have to the grave
Favorite guitar just bought one of the things that sex is not satisfied guitarist. And there also want this I want also, guitar Yuku and more and more. However, storage space is running out, is to hard-hearted to the family, and life will come running low. If you are now, if we died suddenly, would the remaining guitar there is that you have thought what would happen? Something the guitar with feelings and worth in order to continue to inheritance to the next generation, can do while you are alive is. Whether the remaining family members should I do in order to not stumped. The sort of thing, interviewed music store staff, musicians, collectors, such as the bereaved family, I want to seriously consider. Since you can not bring the guitar to the grave.
◎ laid back Seminar
Correct guitar of cleaning method Part1 parts ed you can not listen afresh
Guitar dust becomes sticky with sweat has piled up, the look is a hindrance to the playing surface, not only dirty. After you play the guitar, you do not have to clean up every nook and corner. Trying to teach the correct cleaning method for that. First of all from parts ed.
◎ Complex overcome seminar
Jazz guitar Part'd love to gnaw
◎ Special Seminar
Fun to stay home 567 (corona) fret capture training
◎ is laid back Selection - you do you play this classic is properly?
3rd "Blue Lagoon" Masayoshi Takanaka
◎ interview
Saya Ichikawa
Shigeru Suzuki
◎ series
Guitar Art Gallery
Vintage Guitar Cafe
Master Builder social register Makoto Sugimoto - Part of Japan
Guitar messing around with the by-chan ism Yoshio Nomura
Guitarist of the car Mitsuyoshi Azuma
At that time, three cups of rice in the live album
I want to listen to after retirement New Music
Gotochi tribute band to go to meet timer
I guitar wanted to make much of Kazuyoshi Saito
Reminiscence of Western director hell
I want to dismantle 80's nostalgic guitar

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