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Blue Note's first official book! Luxury favorite book of the 75th Anniversary
Written by: Richard Heivazu
Japan Version supervision: Hitoshi Namekata
Translation: Komaki Yasuko
Translation: Riko Arai
Specifications: AB-size / 400 pages
75 anniversary of the founding the Blue Note Records in 2014. This book, a history of walked the Blue Note record 75 years, is one book will be the first official planning spelled in a huge commentary and a number of visual.
In addition to posting a large number of materials will be the first public, finely the 75 albums that have colored the history from its appeal to musical achievement commentary this time.
Of all the jazz fan must-have, just one book of permanent preservation version!
● unveiled the unpublished material from the Blue Note archives
● History from the childhood of founder Alfred Lion to Blue Note founder
● Founded eve, prosperity period, winter time, and to play
● test by the read Miles Design
● jacket unused artists shot, contact sheet also posted a large number
● large number of comments from well-known artists
● luxury binding decorated with foil of silver to cover and cover

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