PEANUTS - Official Charlie Brown And Lucy Director / Jim Shore / Figure

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Origin: Cambodia
Size: body: W12.5 × H11.5 × D5cm outside the box: W19 × H16 × D10.2cm
Body weight: 340g body & outer box weight: 430g
Material: made of resin
PEANUTS (peanuts) fellow at the familiar Charlie Brown and Lucy figures of friends appeared of.
Charlie Brown explains the director of the stage have to hand the megaphone, Lucy has been drawn is how you are thinking the direction of the stage while listening to the story.

JIM SHORE [Jim Shore]
Born designer State America South Carolina.
Parents who love art, the influence of the grandmother to make a traditional quilt, we have been numerous published a work of unique design.
Take a mold from wood carving of the prototype, all warm, which was decorated with hand-painted style has been loved around the world.
Other PEANUTS, collaboration with Disney characters is also famous.
(C) 2020 Peanuts Worldwide LLC (c) 2020 Jim Shore Designs, Inc.

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