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Memorial of Eddie Van Halen who passed away in October large featured. Interview collection of Eddie himself to become the centerpiece. As long as permitted by page, we packed the words of the person. The contents of the interview below.
[1978 / 1st interview at the time of the album release]
- upbringing, musical background, own guitar hero, equipment, sound, events that led to a record deal, debut album of recordings, 2nd about the concept of the album.
· (Such as how over the strings of the type and spring) how to set up the guitar, tips of arming the tuning is not broken
[1985 / "1984" interview at the time of release]
• In addition to the production secret story of "1984", himself describes the six albums so far for each work
[2014 / "1984" 30 anniversary interview]
• The 30th anniversary year of "1984", recording untold story and himself explains each song.
[1988 / for the "5150", an interview with Sammy Hagar]
· Valuable simultaneous interview with Sammy Hagar
[Interview in equipment warehouse of 2014 / Studio 5150]
Interview in the equipment warehouse the band is in the studio 5150 owned. Frankenstein, Kramer 5150, music man AXIS, Peavy, the contents of the history of guitar our development that has supported the career, such as EVH wolfgang, such as remodeling point and memories were back in the language of the person. Other guitar that has been used in the ownership and recording of even introduction.
Appendix: Eddie Van Halen special poster

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