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Size: A5-size
- Number of pages: 176 pages
Feature "John of the soul" announced 50 anniversary
John Lennon
What is the strongest LOVE ──

Keiichi Sokabe
Anyway free to express. It is, I'm such that John told me.
Do all in their favorite way. It is I, such that the lot number nice

Acre gorilla
I think single-mindedly and destruction John Lennon expressed in bloody world go by repeating the play, it's a model of the artist

Naoki Tachikawa
"John of the soul" is a masterpiece of rock album that thought I

Toshiyuki Tanaka
Parenting with Love and Peace

Listen to the 2020 "John of the soul" and "Double Fantasy"
No matter what the song is replaced, also any song is not even established missing masterpiece "John of the soul" songs commentary
Eternal new "Double Fantasy"

Listen to the Rolling Stones "Goats Head Soup" 2020

In the original Blues Rolling Stones but I was the most favorite songs, listen to this version, became more love

Come on, everybody, is the beginning of the ceremony.
Enjoy incense Thailand and the room darkened and lightly roar while full spear

I was blown away the crown of head to heard in the late teens .
It was something like this started to want and activities to do

What was music-historical attempt - Introduction and punk
2020, happy to listen to the latest "Letter To You" Bruce pulling Steen & E Street Band
Mourn the Eddie Van Halen, who died at age 65

[Series 5th]
Makoto Ayukawa talks about the album of Sina & Rockets "Pin-Up Baby Blues"

[Corona of the era, or the Japanese live house is how fighting]
Sato "boone" Science Interview
Anyway Semero Yotsuya outbreak challenge of

Number Girl, resurrected! February 22, 2020, Watch Number Girl Sendai performances just before the music live is stopped
Weekend Cafe (Vol.16) Shogo Hamada, release rush!

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