【Pre-order】 DAVID BOWIE - Official Blackstar Pendant / Japan Limited Official Merchandise / Necklace

DAVID BOWIESKU: 2101332995861

サイズ: 40cmチェーン
Sale price$193.60 USD


Coming in May 2024
Please note that this date is subject to change at any time due to possible, and often likely, manufacturer delays.

[Japan only official products "BLACKSTAR" simple star-shaped pendant plated with black the image of a.
In the lower shine black diamond design, which is composed of parts of the star, which is also on the album jacket it has been decorated in the center.
To the end portion of the chain comes with a charm that logo of "BOWIE" has been engraved.
Material: Silver 925 (Rutemekki) / black diamond
Length: about 2.1cm (including the Vatican)
Horizontal: about 1.5cm
Thickness: about 0.25cm
Chain Size: 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 60cm
Accessories: Guarantee card, BOX

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