MONSTER HUNTER - Official Airou "Paws Cat Punch Ver." / Necklace

MONSTER HUNTERSKU: 2103333458871

サイズ: 45cmチェーン
Sale price$158.40 USD


Nha go together!
In everything that brave in hard "Otomo Airou" is
Necklace equipped with a traditional blow weapon "paws cat punch" that is widely used among Airou group.
Frilly and swaying gimmick, equipped with a "paws cat punch"
Diamond with the left hand is the charm point.
Material: Silver 925 (with rhodium coating)
Chain total length: 45cm (with red beans width of about 1.2mm 5cm adjuster ring)
Motif: Vertical about 16.1mm side about 14.4mm thickness of about 7.1mm
Diamond: 0.014ct × 1p

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