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Eiichi Otaki / A LONG VACATION
Standing version of the old paper diorama assembly kit
Package Size: 297x210mm (A4 size)
Finished size: W120xD76xH120mm

Standing version of the old (perpetuity vertical), also referred to as "Hanko vertical". Edo era to that enjoyed widely as one of the among of color woodblock print of "Toy picture".
As the name of "edition old (color woodblock print) to make", but something to enjoy assembled off the nishikie, assembled imagination more three-dimensional sense of time, of the panoramic sense of surprise, the fun is just standing version of the old unique. Many theater of kabuki, or even those that were miniature the stage, scenery, attractions, such as seem like there were many things that replicate the scenery, once that it would be thousand or more kinds have been made It is also said. Such a standing version of old also the beginning of why the 20th century, would disappeared almost to the end of the per Taisho era.
Even those from the Edo era, which has been popular in the thriving, those existing is very small, had just made with the presence of vision.

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