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Author: Yuki Yoshino
Size: duodecimo
Number of pages: 216 pages

This is four style = clothing (style) × style (style)

From the Beatles of members of boyhood debut, until dissolution,
Reading material that describes the stage costumes and private fashion.
It illustrates along with related photos and illustrations.

The Beatles as well as its music, has created a new style in its own sense in fashion.
From clothing and hairstyles shoes, down to small items such as glasses, become a trade mark of the group, had a major impact on young people.
Fashion also is one of their means of expression, has been a important element leading the era.

It focuses on the Beatles as a fashion trendsetter,
Even those who want to imitate the fashion, one book useful to people who are interested in the 60's style.
By follow the fashion (fashion) · change of appearance, style (style) comes into view not only the Beatles of clothing (style).


Chapter 1 the 1950s and 1960s
4 teenagers era all began from the Teddy Boy style

Chapter 2 1,957 to 1,961 years
Who in the amateur era in pursuit of style that can not be imitated also

Chapter 3 1961-1962 years
Debut greeted apples laid the foundations of the Beatles style

Chapter 4 1962-1965 years
In stage costume laid out the personality until the fashion leader of the world

Chapter 5, 1964
4 people made the movie in order to impress the appearance "Hard Days Night"

Chapter 6, 1965
4 people "like" has been packed movie costumes 1 of "Help!"

Chapter 7, 1966
Lead the Swinging London strive to major shift in the fashion

Chapter 8, 1967
4 people dressed in colorful costumes become a symbol of the psychedelic era 1

Chapter 9, 1967
Movie feel the transition to the new era from the world full of color "Magical Mystery Tour"

Chapter 10 1967-1968 years
Of did not work out Apple fashion business

Chapter 11, 1968
Small pause fashionable? When the Beatles were dress-down

Chapter 12, 1969
4 people of heart pattern projected on the costumes in the movie "let it be."

Chapter 13, 1969
The Beatles broke up that reflects four people of attire at that time

in conclusion

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