GREMLINS - Official Tapestry Part1 / Limited Edition / Tapestry

GREMLINSSKU: 2104334359006

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Size: B2 Vertical 515 × 728mm
Material: Polyester
Accessories: connecting pipe + pegging
Specifications: tatami bag purse

Feel free to decorate tapestry movie posters without having to worry about the cut or broken!
Collection was not troubled in the housing be assembled pole and hanging pegging.
You can use it to unique background hidden, such as such as a television conference in a large B2 size.

1984 is the first of his original poster pattern.
Fluffy texture match gently into the room of the airbrush.
Never interfere with your room.
But keep an eye from the lovely line of sight of the gizmo looking through there just a little bit.
It finished in such a charming one point.

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