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Release Date: 2016/3/28
Size: B6-size
Number of pages: 312 pages
Heavy symbol of metal, IRON MAIDEN. The ultimate IRON MAIDEN book that thorough verification of their charm!
Their special dialogue and of Mr. Masanori Ito to look back at the history of glory, they again multilateral staring re di amazing graphics Teidan all 16 pieces of studio albums that have been released through the many years of history, so far released as official version It has been all of the album, single and video works covering the thorough discography, IRO MAIDEN Goods Memorabilia that I see a collection of special interview cut into the circumstances of the IRON MAIDEN as one of the business entities, "Japan's IRON MAIDEN mania" Special Features, etc., to deliver in a dense content rewarding perfect score of Perfect Guide. All Heavy Metal / Hard Rock fan must-have, one book a must-read! (BURRN! Monographs 9th)

36 years of the Iron Maiden to Masanori Ito look back

The history of Iron Maiden glory Year in Discography

Iron Maiden Discography Teidan

A number of singles that Iron Maiden has been released

Iron Maiden to watch the video

The Special Event
Iron Maiden Holdings president ask to Mr. Dave Jack!

Your house visit "Maiden Mania Yu Shimada of Japan Date"!

Iron Maiden Japan Tour record

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