BTS - Official Breath Tinytan Quintet Regular / Black / 2 Pieces / Fashion Mask

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BTS character TinyTAN and BREATH Silver collaboration official mask of the (bulletproof boy scouts).
Embossing and, ear loop stylish three-dimensional high-performance mask of the color scheme of "TinyTAN" logo mark.
Number: two
Color: Black
Size: one side width: about 11cm × height: 14.5cm
Shinshu University Faculty of Textile Science and co-developed products
Antimicrobial SSNC capsules formulations that are registered with the US EPA
Bacteria, anti-virus

Pureaseru "BREAXELL" in nanofibers having a pore size of 0.1 micrometer,
Steam 0.0004 micrometers and air quickly discharged while bacteria (3.0 micrometers)
Fine external harmful substances filter material to cut by 99%, such as.
Also, registered in the United States EPA antimicrobial SSNC (silica Silver complex) By formulating the capsules
It has 99.9% of antibacterial force against 650 species of bacteria and infection bacteria, reduces the unpleasant stench that occur in long-term wear.

This product is a disposable commodity.
Re-use can not be due to washing.

Please use to see the attention on the use that is in the product package.

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