COBRA KAI - Official Miyagi Road Karaterogo / Button Badge

COBRA KAISKU: 2105335008009

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COBRA KAI official pin badge, which was reproduced in the casting, not the press.
Thick and carving also is deepening.
It has also been built firmly while small.
Unevenness of the symbol mark of Miyagi road karate reblogged pin badge of fun soft enamel process.
The convex portion, but was combined black nickel plating to get black Gila,
Calm color scheme gave me capture well.
Indeed! Miyagi road of balance karate! !
Material: made of zinc alloy
Size: about 37.6 × 37.8 × 2.2 (mm)
Weight: about 10.3g
Cobra Kai TM & (c) 2021 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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