YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Official Yngwie Malmsteen Live Tour In Japan 1984-1994 / Magazines & Books


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Hendrix, guitar world masterpiece of shock following the Eddie!
!! the brave figure of the king Yngwie heyday revives here now

Great artists who carved the music history of the concert in Japan
The magazine reproduced in the photo archives of Shinko Music Library "Live tour in Japan" series.
That's covered in the latest book is, to release the studio latest work "PARABELLUM" which is soon 2 years "champion" Yngwie Malmsteen!
Starting with the first Japan tour of Alcatraz was realized after three months of shocking Worldwide debut,
January 1985 performances led his own band, the rising force, 1986 November performances due to the masterpiece "TRILOGY"
Partnered Joe Lynn Turner and the tag of the original Rainbow August and performances ... 1988, while playing a steady career-up,
Finally a pattern of convenience 7 times of the Japan tour until golden age = March 1994 performances has grown to the presence of up to compete for the top in the Japanese hit chart,
Retrospective along with the precious photo of the total number 300 points more than that interweaves the first public shot in abundance.
The defunct talent unique to rush the rock scene of the weapon in '80 - '90s, revives brave figure of the young champion is here!

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