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Number of pages: 160 pages

According to the indeed of 8 years new album "hard-wired ... to-self Distracting"
Significantly version up to Newly released Mook.
In addition to the latest long interview with Lars Ulrich, it is the definitive edition of Metallica this you add a new project.
Metallica complete history by Yuichi Masuda, a detailed discography by plain KazuSachi Mr. beginning,
Planning is full you can not read only here.
Further validate the Japan tour all records with a set list, we introduce once the 100 sheets to get to know more deeply Metallica,
Such as treasured interviews in-depth the main album, is one book that condenses all of the heavy metal world of champions.

Revealed in the latest interview, New full picture of the album of 8 years

The complete history of a detailed chronology and 35 years with the inclusion of valuable interview

■ Part 1: 1981-1989
Follow the march forward of up to leap to the top from the formation

Interview 1987─ first visit to Japan interview told the origin of Metallica to repeat the steady tour
Interview 1989─ verify the background of Metallica strong message slotted it was born
Interview 1990─ changing what is a huge success, what you did not change? Reveal out of the breast

■ Part 2: 1990-2001
90s laid the New World in the "Black Album"

Interview 1991─ Metallica meat Sako in the whole picture of the monument "Black Album", which Uchitate is
Interview 1992─ James suddenly hit was the behind-the-scenes of the accident the band is intense white
Interview 1998─ of time was the most away from the heavy metal that Metallica had been staring

■ Part 3: 2002-2016
Continuous first place, the historical co-star, etc., now still non-stop his steps

Interview 2003─ leave, all the journey to overcome the rehabilitation ...... largest-ever crisis
Interview 2011─ Lou Reed and partnership in the maximum of the identity of the problem work ever made

Studio album / live album / Edit & best album / video / introduce all at once up to co-star

6 members file of that chased the personal life from upbringing

Producer, co-star, etc., officials surrounding the Metallica

From the first visit to Japan of legends to the latest live, all of Metallica Japan History

■ 100 ALBUMS To Understand Metallica
A cover of the original song, roots, favorites, etc., 100 sheets to get to know more deeply the Metallica

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