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Author: Toru Sasaki
Size: paperback
After a decision (surgery), my third year in the majors, "a year to win".
On a journey to find the person I've never been

"Right now, I'm thinking about what I'm going to do after I get on the mound," Shohei Ohtani said.

How did he develop " the mindset to take on challenges"?
Here is the culmination of 10 years of interviews!

The biggest and only reason for his challenge to the majors / The living room of the Ohtani family / The youngest child's temperament / His childhood when he was a poor eater / The three lessons written in his "baseball notebook" / The 163 kilograms he set on his "goal-setting sheet" / The genesis of his "two-pronged approach" / The heavier the homework, the better / The miracle etched in baseball history of "No. 1 pitcher Otani" Training for a two-pronged approach / As a pitcher, I'm still only at 50% of my potential / I'm 100% satisfied with a .100 batting average / "I'm going to find the right answer" -- and more.

Shohei Ohtani continues his journey of exploration - Postscript for the paperback edition -.
Chapter 1 Decision
Chapter 2: The Origin
Chapter 3: Iwate, the Land of Gold
Chapter 4: The Land of the North
Chapter 5: The Truth about Two Swords
Chapter 6: The Never-Ending Challenge

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