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Who will win the title of "KING"?
A heated battle! The U.S.-Japan Home Run Championship

Shohei Ohtani (Angels) fails to achieve a remarkable feat - his first feat in 103 years is carried over

Part.1 / NPB Edition
INTERVIEW A man who knows the KING
Kazuma Okamoto [Giants] "A worthwhile hit, sticking to the basics

A battle of young cannons
Who will win the Central League home run championship?

Verification by the Numbers!
Can Munetaka Murakami [Yakult] surpass the homerun pace of the King of the World?

Is this more interesting than the Central League?
It''s just that the pennant race in the Pacific League is so crowded!
The best race in the world with four players separated by three runs.

Part.2/MLB Edition
Can Shohei Ohtani be the KING?

Who will have the last laugh?
Follow the battle for the championship and the Climax Series!

Remaining Match Schedule & Correlation Chart
Future Outlook
[Central League] [Pacific League]

The commanders' tactics for the final stage of the game: Push forward to victory!
[Central League] [Pacific League]

Yutaka Takagi and Tomoya Satosaki predict the final phase of the Central League and Pacific League!

[Interview & Column]
Serialization / Baseball Romance Vol.19
Yusuke Masago [Softbank].
A form without hesitation beyond effort

Memorial Project Serial No. 10
Yasunori Oshima's unbeatable spirit?

Serialization: Behind-the-scenes view of the Giants
Hidenori Kosaka
Vol.24/The story with Hideki Matsui Part 4
A Terrible Night in Otaru?

Serialization / Resume of a ball player
Michio Sato
"There is no life in life, but there is life in death".
Part 14 / Why I became a slider pitcher

Serialization of Danp Tsuji
"It's Hard Being a Catcher"

Get out of the Farm!
Tomorrow's star candidates
Souta Ikeya [DeNA].

Newcomer Interview
NEXT UP! series vol.16
Chusei Mannami [Japan Ham].
You're going to have to fight to the death.

ROAD to 2000HITS
Takumi Kuriyama [Seibu] Column

Hotly contested FOCUS2021 Pacific League
Lotte's skillful leadership has no blind spot in the championship!
Hot Game FOCUS2021 Central League
The future of the championship is still unknown!
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