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Size: A5 size, ordinary size
Number of pages: 168 pages

" Snoopy," a beagle dog who is good at sports and loves to fantasize, and his owner, Charlie Brown, who is in love with a red-haired girl. " Peanuts" is a comic book series that its creator, Charles M. Schulz, has been steadily drawing every day for 50 years.

The fact that it depicts the ordinary daily lives of children, while sharply addressing the truth of human nature, is probably the reason why it has been loved and sympathized with by everyone.
From Santa Rosa, a town with a connection to Peanuts, to celebrities talking about their love for Peanuts, we will guide you into the deep world of Peanuts from various angles.

Exploring the origins of Snoopy.
Welcome to Santa Rosa, Snoopy's hometown.
The place that Charles M. Schulz loved with all his heart.
The people who loved Sparky and continue to love him.
A museum where you can learn all about "Peanuts".
Find the germ of a masterpiece in an unknown origin.
This is how Snoopy's drawings have changed.
Snoopy is a covered dog who has also become the face of a news magazine.

Schulz's point of view, read through three themes.
Space: The beagle dog that landed on the moon has become a symbol of space exploration.
Music: From jazz to Beethoven, the secrets of music that captures people's hearts.
Language: Children's words stimulate the minds of adults.
I want to know more! Words by Peanuts and Schulz

The history and future of peanuts.
Tracing "Peanuts" over 50 years of drawing.
Charlie Brown and friends, character profiles.
Characters who inherit our thoughts and continue to live.
The job of an editor is to protect the world of Peanuts.
What is it about animation that Schulz put so much effort into?
TAKE CARE for the Future with PEANUTS Project

Let's go see Snoopy.
Snoopy Museum, a place to visit again and again
Even if you're not a Snoopy fanatic, you'll want to visit this holy place of Peanuts.

The true nature of Snoopy's gravitational pull that attracts creators.
Ask the most powerful collectors why they are so sympathetic.
Explore Noritake and the "lines" drawn by master artist Schulz.
What the hell is going on inside that red-roofed hut?
My favorite, "peanut" friends.
Tribute mini-picture book " Happeanuts". 
Written and drawn by Ryoji Arai
A coolness that conveys everything in a stylish line.

Photos: Takehiro Goto, Peter Blakely, Eri Iwata, Keisuke Kitamura, Yutaka Aono, Olivier Baldina, Kaku Hirashima, Tadashi Okochi, Satoshi Omura
Text: Hisashi Inukai, Chinami Inaishi, Misao Sasaki, Asako Aratani, Takahiro Tomari, Takahiko Ishizaki, Hisae Odajima
Coordinators: Chinami Inashi, Masae Takada
Editors: Asako Arani and Yuriko Nakajima [SevenOaks].
Reviewed: Bakushu Art Center
Book design: SANKAKUSHA
Cover design: Hiroaki Kuroha [SANKAKUSHA]
Cooperation: Sony Creative Products Inc.
Supervision: Charles M. Schultz Creative Associates

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