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Size: A5
Number of pages: 128 pages
Managing editor: Kunihiko Fujimoto

This is the third in a series of theme-by-theme-in-depth presentations on the Beatles.

In commemoration of the release of "Let It Be" on October 15 and the new movie "The Beatles: Get Back" to be released from November 25 to 27, we will delve maniacally into the Beatles on the verge of their breakup under the theme of both.
This is a book that can be enjoyed both by reading and watching, with an introduction to the "Let It Be" collection (LPs, CDs, cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, etc.) and a groundbreaking review of the 250 songs performed by others during the "Get Back Sessions" that were the basis for the album and movie.
Please stay tuned!

[Main contents]
Front cover color: "Let It Be" released in Japan (Hideki Kimura, Otohei Shima, Masanori Yokono, Koichi Yoshikawa)

Special Feature 1: The Beatles "Let It Be": The Beatles from 1969 to 1970 (Kunihiko Fujimoto) / All the songs of "Let It Be" (Koji Wakui) / Interview with Peter Asher (Akira Tanaka, Yoko Matsuda) / "Let It Be" created by three "producers" (Shinji Kawahara)

Special Feature 2: Listening to the 50th Anniversary Edition of "Let It Be" Including Unreleased Material (Shinichi Manabe)

Special Feature 3: The Get Back Session What is the Get Back Session? (Kunihiko Fujimoto) / What more were the four of them talking about in January 1969? (Junko Asahi) / Five Questions about the Rooftop Concert (Ryo Nozaki) / The Albums "Let It Be" and "Let It Be...Naked" (Kunihiko Fujimoto) / The Films "Let It Be" and "The Beatles: Get Back" (Kunihiko Fujimoto) Glyn Johns and Phil Spector (Junichi Yamada) / Twickenham Film Studios and Apple Studios (Isao Inubushi) / "The Beatles Breakup" as reported by the Japanese press (Toru Omura) / The Beatles: Get Back (Kunihiko Fujimoto) Listening to the famous cover of "Let It Be" (Shinichi Manabe) / My discography of youth (Yoshiyuki Makino) / Andre the Beatles (Kenichi Yasuda, Takahiro Tsujii)

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