THE BEATLES - Official Yellow Submarine Cleaning Cloth Whales Bg-Ysc 004 Model / Sunglasses / Men's

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THE BEATLES Official Cleaning Cloth
Size: cloth body: 150mm x 150mm, package: 152mm x 152mm
Material: Cloth body: 70% polyester, 30% nylon, Package: Paper
Country of origin: Japan

This is a cleaning cloth using the art from the animated film 'Yellow Submarine' by THE BEATLES.
It is perfect for cleaning not only glasses but also screens of smartphones and tablets.
Each piece comes in a package with a Yellow Submarine motif.

The fun design shows art peeking through the Yellow Submarine window.
Under the sea...lots of cute whale monsters that look a little naughty but irresistibly cute.
It makes a great little gift.

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