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THE BEATLES Official Vintage Sunglasses

Material: Frame: Alloy (plated), Lens: Plastic, Case: Aluminum
Size: Frame: 41□25-123, Case: 30×130×22mm
Visible light transmittance: 18%.
UV transmittance: Less than 0.1%.

Please do not use for a long time.
Slightly smaller sunglasses.

From 1950s to 1970s, a number of innovative designs were launched, and sunglasses became a hot topic in Europe and the United States.
This vintage model is a reprint of a legendary pair of sunglasses loved by artists who were also fashion leaders in the 1960s, with Beatles' specifications.

These gold-colored frame sunglasses were made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' visit to Japan.
The color has a slight yellowish tinge, reminiscent of those days.
This is a special pair of sunglasses with a slightly austere and luxurious feeling.

The shape, size, and lens color are the same as when the original was manufactured.
Both frame and case are made in Japan.
All frames are serial numbered.

The sunglasses can be carried in the retro and compact case.
The set also includes photo cards of the Beatles members, eyeglass wipes with the Beatles logo, and a certificate of authenticity.
The sunglasses are delivered in a logo box that can be used for display.
All accessories except for the frame are the same as the silver color BG-038A.

The second, fourth, and fifth images are of the silver frame, but the gold frame has the same specifications.
Please note that the color of the product may differ from the actual product due to your monitor settings, room lighting, etc.

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