DAVID BOWIE - Official Time - Time Bowie x Kyoto x Sukita - David Bowie And Kyoto Photographed by Masayoshi Sukita / Photography Book

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Kyoto, the city David Bowie loved - Masayoshi Sukita's photo story of the past and present

In 1972, photographer Masayoshi Sukita met David Bowie in London, where he went to photograph the legendary rock group T-REX, and the following year he accompanied Bowie on his world tour.
The following year, he accompanied Bowie on his world tour, and their relationship lasted for more than 40 years until Bowie's death. Bowie was a great Japanophile and visited Kyoto several times.
One day in 1980, Sukita spent some private time with Bowie in Kyoto, a time that still lingers in his mind.
After Bowie's passing, Sukita, now 82 years old, began to photograph the Kyoto that Bowie loved in order to sort out the past time and engrave it in his mind again.

This photo book contains David Bowie's photographs taken in Kyoto back in 1980, as well as works of Bowie's beloved Kyoto that he photographed "now". In addition to the photographs on display, the exhibition will also include some of the treasured shots that were not able to be displayed, episodes related to the famous album "Heroes," and a retrospective by Naoki Tachikawa, who is also the producer of the exhibition. Naoki Tachikawa, the producer of the exhibition, as well as 174 photos taken by Sukita himself while visiting places related to Bowie.

Size: 20 x 30 cm

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