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Author: Naughty Dog
Translation: Takeshi Ehara
Translation Supervisor: Nina Taniguchi
Translation Supervisor: Risa Yamaki

Size: A4 size
Number of pages: 200 pages

The art collection for "The Last of Us Part II", the sequel to one of the greatest survival action games in gaming history, has been translated into Japanese!
Ellie sets out again for revenge.
While her mind and body are shaken by the horrible chain of events that her actions bring about...

"The Last of Us Part II", the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning "The Last of Us", is now available in Japanese translation.
A look back at some of the most unparalleled concept art ever created in Naughty Dog history, along with comments from the creators and artists involved in the development.
Enjoy this superb book for all fans of the series who have witnessed this journey.

[About the Author]
by /Norty Dog
An American game development company.
It is one of the PlayStation Studios owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), and in addition to "The Last of Us" series, it has also worked on the "Crash Bandicoot" series and the "Uncharted" series.
It is also known as a studio that has won many awards in the gaming industry.

Translator: Takeshi Ehara
Completed the Master's program at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
After working as a translation coordinator at a translation company, he became a freelance translator in 2014.
In addition to industrial translation, he has translated many foreign comics such as "Y: The Last Man" and "The Witcher" comic series, as well as game art books and movie making books.

Translation Supervisor / Nina Taniguchi
Works for Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
She was in charge of the localization of "The Last of Us Part II". Her favorite band is Pearl Jam.

Translation Supervisor / Lisa Yamaki
She is a member of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
She produced "The Last of Us Part II". She can play the bass guitar.

(C)2020,2021 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

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