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Book (softcover): 352 pages
Marcus J. Moore: Author
Keiko Tsukada: Translation

Kendrick Lamar, the rapper who seeks redemption from the gruesome reality of black people and renews the history of black music from the ground up.
How did he achieve his own expression?
A masterful biography that traces the trajectory of the music.

[About the Author]
Marcus J. Moore: Author.
Music journalist, editor and curator.
He has written for Pitchfork, The Nation, and NPR, and supervised playlists for Google.
Winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award for 'Letters to Kanye West'.

Keiko Tsukada: Translator.
Translator and hip-hop journalist.
She has translated 'The History of Gangsta Rap'.
She lives in LA and has interviewed Kendrick Lamar since his debut.

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