NIRVANA - Official Kurt Cobain No.2 / Size L / Framed Print

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[Limited Order]
We will sell a limited number of rare photos taken during his visit to Japan.

The photos will be delivered framed in photo acrylic.
Photo acrylic processing is a method of processing in which acrylic is crimped onto the printed surface.
The transparency of the photo is created by looking through the acrylic, and a sense of depth is emphasized, creating an image that seems to float.
The acrylic also protects the print, making it difficult for the photo to deteriorate and allowing for long-term preservation.
It also has the effect of preserving the flatness of the image.
Please note that the second photo is a sample of photo acrylic framing.

Presented by Showcase Management

LARGE size: approx. 47.5cm x 41cm

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