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Kawade Shobo Shinsha Editing Department: Editing
Size: Mook, A5 edition
Number of pages: 208 pages

A comprehensive feature on the rare rapper who has garnered overwhelming support from all over the world for his lyrics that intricately weave contradictions and redemption of the inner city, and his innovative songs that actively ingest jazz and funk.

How do rappers in Japan listen to and feel about Kendrick Lamar?
Eight rappers active in the Japanese rap scene
Interviews with Awich, C.O.S.A., Kamui, OMSB, Moment Joon, DyyPRIDE, KOJOE, and Senninsho!


[The Intersection of Japanese Rap / Interview]

The sound of harmony beyond delving into oneself
Wrapping up 'goodness'
A time without foundation and life-affirming music
Kendri is awesome to awesome.
Moment Joon
Songs that resonate beyond severed roots
A new spiritual song of slaves living in the capitalist world
Perfect harmony that grabs a variety of blind spots
The Power of Hip-Hop to Accompany the 'Voices' of the World
Interviews and composition: Shin Futagi, Shingo Hori, Shiho Watanabe

[Live And Direct]
Shiho Watanabe
US Wrap, Where We Are in 2020
Sho Okuda
Kendrick Lamar's 5-meter radius
Akane Yoshida
New Horizons of Rap Fantasy

[Elements of Kendrick Lamar]
Keiko Tsukada
What is Gangsta Rap? - Its Genealogy and Spirituality
Flow and Persona - (Multiple) Flows in Kendrick Lamar
Tadashi Nagasawa
Kendrick Lamar and the American Literature of Introspection

African American Cutural Legends
- Motoko Oshino, Kimura Kyu, Jeremy Harley, Keiko Tsukada, Yuri Tominaga

[Disc Guide]
Keiko Tsukada
good kid, m.A.A.d city
masafumi yoshida
To Pimp A Butterfiy
Kaz Skellington (kazuaki Watanabe)
untitled unmastered.
Motoko Oshino

[Book Guide]
Riverside Reading Club  

Tsutomu Noda
The Light and Darkness of 2015, a Year to Celebrate
Ryo Isobe
Who Did He 'Kill' - Kendrick Lamar's Place in the Rap Scene
Souki Yamashita
Gangsta Consciousness - Anamnesis to a Liberated World
Manuel Yang
What exactly is the soul of King Kunta?

- Masaaki Kobayashi

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