BTS - Official Bt21 Cooling Tote Bag / Purple / Tote bag

BTSSKU: 2205339908005

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BTS / BT21's new cooled tote bag is here!
The inner cooling pouch can be removed and used as a mini tote bag.
The inside of the pouch is made of aluminum to keep the bag cool.

Tote bag: approx. H19 x W32 x D11 cm
(length of the handle: approx. 31 cm)
Cooling pouch: approx. H20.5 x W31 x D10 cm

Tote bag: Polyester
Cooling pouch: Polyester, aluminum vapor deposition film


[Image Description]
Image 1: Front side
Image 2: Back side
Image 3: Tote bag size description
Image 4: Size description of the cold storage pouch
Image 5: Aluminum specification part inside the cold storage pouch


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