LIVE 8 - Official Live 8 Us Event (Very Rare) / Yes Back Print / T-Shirt / Women's

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サイズ: M
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Valuable commodity.
Color: blue.
Ladies M / Length: 54cm Width: 43.5cm Shoulder: 39.5cm Sleeve length: 14cm.
The LIVE 8 (live Eight), Tokyo and London on July 2, 2005, Philadelphia, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Toronto, Johannesburg, Edinburgh, was conducted simultaneously in eight cities of Moscow, charity concert.
Venue: Philadelphia Affi La Defense Rufiyaa Museum special outdoor stage.
Cast: Kaiser Chiefs, Will Smith, Black Eyed Peas, Don Cheadle, Bon Jovi, Chris Tucker, Destiny's Child, Don Cheadle, Kanye West, Jimmy Smits, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Dhani Jones, Toby Keith, Natalie Portman, Dave Matthews Band, Alicia Keys, Black Ice, Jennifer Connelly, Linkin Park, Jay · Z, DJ Green Lantern, Def Leppard, Kami, Jars of Clay, Lemon Andersen, Sarah McLachlan , Maroon 5, Naomi Watts, Keith Urban, Jimmy Smits, Rob Thomas, Richard Gere, Stevie Wonder.

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