TOP GUN - Official Cwu 36P Vx-31 / Avirex (Brand) / Outerwear / Men's

TOP GUN貨號:2208340986024

サイズ: M
銷售價格$227.04 USD


Color: Sage

This model is based on the CWU-36P, a general-purpose jacket developed for light zone areas based on the CWU-45P with padding, with the material replaced by heavy twill nylon.
On the right chest is a patch that means 'DUST DEVILS', commonly known as 'DUST DEVILS', enrolled at the U.S. Naval Base in California. On the right sleeve is a patch signifying graduation from 'TOP GUN'. On the left chest is the original patch with the U.S. Navy wing mark and the AVIREX logo.

The product in the image is a sample.
Please note that the actual product may differ slightly in specifications, processing, etc.

[About AVIREX]
AVIREX, which has delivered a number of flight jackets as a contractor, also creates surplus wear that incorporates elements of flight jackets with high functionality in order to spread their appeal to the general market. Its lean design and nostalgic taste continue to be supported by many people around the world.
The name is derived from AVIREX (king of the sky), which honors aviators (aviators) who have taken to the skies.

Please note that the color may look different from the actual product depending on your computer monitor.
We are sorry, but we ask for your understanding.
The size chart may vary slightly due to the characteristics of the fabric and weave of the product.
Please understand this in advance.

Size: Length/ Shoulder width/ Body width/ Sleeve length
M: 63cm/46cm/56cm/64.5cm
L: 66cm/48cm/59cm/66.5cm
XL: 69cm/50cm/62cm/68.5cm
Country of origin: Made in Vietnam
Material (Outer fabric): 100% nylon (Lining): 100% polyester (Patch): 100% cowhide (Ribbed part): 62% acrylic, 27% wool, 9% polyester, 9% polyurethane 2% (Decoration part): synthetic leather (Embroidery part): 100% rayon

This product is not suitable for home or commercial laundering.
Please note that the color of this product will fade, so be careful not to transfer the color to other clothing, bags, or personal items.
Please note that due to the nature of the material, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent lamps may cause the color to fade.


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